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Best Eyeliner Color for YOUR Eyes

What are the “Best” Eyeliner Colors for Your Eyes?

I was stunned to learn the answers to this question! I have naturally green (with a sprinkle of brown/blue) eyes, and I thought, “Well, of course black goes with everything so black or charcoal eyeliners are the only go-to I need for my eyeliner arsenal”. Oh not so, my friend! Would you believe the best eye-popping color combo for green eyes is purple?? There are so many more options than “the usual” available to you! Afraid to step out of the comfort zone? Let’s explore some options! The results may surprise you… and have you itching to try out a new color for yourself!

To see what other colors may be best suited for my green eyes, I of course needed to investigate other opinions from namely, “the experts”... makeup artists and women’s magazines! As mentioned above, the number one suggested eyeliner color for green eyes is purple! Definitely out of my comfort zone, yet I’m too curious not to try it. I had to snag my own masterpiece beauty eyeliner in Grape to check it out. I loved it! The purple is subtle enough to maybe even pass as a shade of black, yet makes my eyes pop! InStyle raves the green and purple combo “can’t be topped”. To contrast, Allure suggested pairing green eyes with any “reddish undertones”, such as garnet, rust or bronze (copper would be gorgeous too!).

Next up, blue eyes! Fitting that we were just discussing green eyes as the most suggested eyeliner color for blue eyes is emerald. Marie Claire swears that this deep shade of green will complement blue eyes and may even “accentuate flecks of gold that might be hiding”. Another great suggestion for blue eyes is a warm brown or chocolate eyeliner.

Who could forget… myyy brown eyed girl? Haha, sorry, I’ve always loved that song! Many of “the experts” agree here: navy or midnight blue eyeliner color is perfect for brown eyes! Marie Claire hints that navy is perfect to wear day or night, making it a great option for work and play. Allure applauds that dark blue gives the same effect as black “but in a less severe way” and InStyle agrees it is the best choice to “enhance the natural gold flecks”.

Gold eyeliner gives hazel eyes the perfect opportunity to sparkle and shine! Marie Claire boasts the gold tone “accentuates yellow flecks around the iris”. To kick it up a notch, Allure adds emerald and plum as other options for hazel eyes, also adding that other “warm, neutral browns enhance their richness” (Espresso from masterpiece beauty would be perfect!).

Last, yet certainly not least: gray eyes. A combination of a light blue and green, enhance that blue with a deep burgundy or red wine eyeliner shade. Instyle and Marie Claire wholeheartedly agree, the red-brown color combo is sure to make your eyes pop!

Are you ready to try a new eyeliner color yet?? While black will always be a classic, it is so interesting and exciting to learn new color options to best complement your beautiful eyes!

Masterpiece beauty offers organic artisan eyeliner made with only the purest ingredients and handcrafted by makeup artisans! The plant based, natural ingredients paired with signature mineral blends and jojoba oil with beeswax yield a creamy texture that glides on smooth and lasts all day long! Currently masterpiece beauty offers eyeliner in Black, Espresso, Charcoal, Grape, Dark Teal. Grab yours today! The hardest part will be deciding which color to try first! Check them out on masterpiece beauty’s website:

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