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About masterpiece beauty...

I'm honored you chose to take the time to stop and browse our beautiful products.

 Starting my journey as a holistic nutritionist, I've learned the importance of choosing food and skincare wisely together to attain the best skin ever, especially today when so many labels (for food AND beauty products) can be deceiving, even the "organic" ones.

In my studies of nutrition, I discovered what key nutrients are needed for youthful, beautiful skin and my research into skincare products and the beauty industry led me down a different path of creating skincare that works WITH your skin, not against it in an unnatural way.

Harnessing the life energy in plant seeds, nuts, flowers, fruit, etc., I've discovered myself how nature is the best beauty remedy for all sorts of skin issues. The amount of antioxidants, vitamins, fatty acids, and nutrients in these cold-pressed raw oils are astounding and renews skin cells at the highest level. Skin becomes radiant, full of moisture, youthful, and glowing since you are now providing it with the raw materials your skin is actually made up of!  Skincare becomes simple but potent, beautiful, and effective!

"Anti-aging" is not a term we use here at masterpiece beauty, because we believe with aging comes wisdom and your own unique beauty that we bring to one another.  We like to see it more as "positive aging!"

The mission at masterpiece beauty is to provide luxuriously simple products with the purest ingredients for your best skin at any age!  Nothing questionable, but everything beneficial!

Kendra Kadrlik, founder of masterpiece beauty

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