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Camu Camu for Crazy Good Skin!

Camu Camu Packs a Vitamin C Punch!

Generally when we hear Vitamin C we think of a vitamin that helps us boost our immune system to fight colds and other illnesses. Did you ever consider Vitamin C to be a healthy “must” for your skin?

One of masterpiece beauty’s most recent new products, FERMENTED Vitamin C Serum, includes an amazing list of ingredients to boost the Vitamin C intake for your skin, with Camu Camu seed oil as one of the leading ingredients. What’s so great about Camu Camu? Let’s take a look!

First, what is it? Camu Camu is a fruit grown in the Amazon rainforests of Peru, Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela. The fruit is about the size of a cherry and contrary to popular thought of fruit being sweet, Camu Camu actually has quite a sour taste. This tiny little fruit packs more Vitamin C than an orange, about 30-60 times more! One teaspoon of organic Camu Camu powder can contain 682mg of Vitamin C. That is 760% the daily recommended value - Wow!!

Okay okay, it has a lot of Vitamin C, but what can Vitamin C do for our skin?? Vitamin C and other antioxidants fight inflammation, which “can contribute to an accelerated aging process” according to Dr. Josh Axe, not only for our body but for our skin as well! Camu Camu is also purported to protect against acne, cold sores and rosacea with all of those wonderful antioxidants!

Besides using this amazing superfruit as a star ingredient in a skincare serum, you can find ways to incorporate raw organic Camu Camu powder in your every day meals, snacks or other recipes! Adding a little powder to porridge/oatmeal, tea, smoothies or yogurt is a great start! With Camu Camu being more sour in flavor, it is a better idea to incorporate the powder in fruit smoothies, rather than green smoothies, to balance the taste. Check out the bonus recipe below for a delicious summer smoothie treat!

With love,


Superfood Mango Berry Smoothie

(courtesy of The Healthful Ideas)

2 bananas (fresh or frozen)

½ cup mango (fresh or frozen)

½ raspberries (fresh or frozen)

1 teaspoon baobab fruit

2 teaspoons pomegranate powder

½ teaspoon Camu Camu powder

½ teaspoon mangosteen powder (optional)

1 Tablespoon chia seeds

1-2 cups water

*Let frozen fruit thaw for 10-15 minutes and cut into smaller pieces.

*Add everything in blender and blend until smooth. Begin with 1 cup of water and slowly add more to your desired thickness.

*Topping ideas: fresh/thawed berries or raw chocolate sauce! Yum!

{See link for raw chocolate sauce recipe:}

→ More information on this smoothie recipe:

Want to know more about masterpiece beauty’s latest product?

Check out FERMENTED Vitamin C Serum →

Pre-order available now! First batch is expected to go quickly!







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