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  • Kendra Kadrlik

You NEED to know about this skincare ingredient...

Aside from all the cosmetic ingredients that are made in a lab today, there are some that are almost straight from nature that we can't ignore. The bright and beautiful SEA BUCKTHORN plant is one of them, and it is popping up in top-of-the-line skincare brands for a major reason-it completely changes skin for the better.

Sea buckthorn oil is extracted from the berries and seeds of the sea buckthorn plant, and both the berries and seeds are great for the skin and provide internal benefits. The main place where it grows is Western Europe and in mountainous areas of Asia, China, Russia, and Canada. Overall, the berry is a well-equipped species for life in the mountains, able to survive well in thin soils and cold climates. Why? Because the berry is bursting with strengthening antioxidants, phytonutrients, and vitamins-ones that just so happen to greatly benefit the skin!

Two types of oils are made from the sea buckthorn plant-from the pressing of just the seeds, OR the pressing of the remaining fruit minus the seeds. Both are different in color and properties, which is why the best way to use Sea Buckthorn is to obtain an oil of the WHOLE FRUIT! This is where it can truly do wonders to the skin. If you follow masterpiece beauty, you know we love oils for all the essential fatty acids and nutrients they bring to the skin. This is one skincare ingredient we would never be without in our formulations. It is great for clearing skin, reducing wrinkles and hyperpigmentation, and gives a general "glow" and "newness" to the skin's appearance.

To break down the "beauty" of this bright red gorgeous oil, let's start with it's vitamin content. The color alone shows the abundance of carotenoids, the plant-based form of vitamin A. Did you know that Vitamin A is the number one nutrient for lowering sebum levels? Studies upon studies have shown sea buckthorn to be an effective anti-acne topical miracle.! (See study here.. ( It works very similar to Vitamin A derivatives such as Retinol for acne, but in a much milder form. It also helps to regenerate skin cells and to help guard against UV damage. Vitamin E is a favorite antioxidant to help with reduction of wrinkles and to clear skin, and again is abundant in sea buckthorn along with vitamins B1, B2, and K. Palmitoleic acid present in the oil also is a great antimicrobial and was tested against a variety of bacterial strains, including e-coli and P. acnes, the bacteria linked to acne. It also helps to suppress melanin, so can guard against age spots on the skin. (NOTE: the SEED oil does NOT contain Palmitoleic acid, only the fruit oil. This is why its important to know which type of oil you are using.)

Another important fatty acid to mention that is loaded in the oil is linoleic acid, which is great for challenged skin and to nourish and help maintain a healthy skin barrier. Many skincare products today compromise and destroy this barrier, which can lead to "symptoms" or "skin types" of dry, oily, or problematic skin. The naturally occurring linoleic acid on our skin is something we want to protect and take great care of.

This little berry is literally a powerhouse of skin transforming goodness! Don't let the color scare you as it can stain clothes (especially pillow cases) if you use it straight up on the skin. We love to use an organic potent Co2 extraction of the WHOLE fruit, which you can find it mixed with other fantastic oils in our RENEWED RADIANCE serum or in our upcoming, soon to be launched, acne serum.

Make your skincare simple, pure, but potent! Your skin will take care of the rest.

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